Monday, 26 January 2009

How did I get here

I’m sure there will be plenty of time to say how I got here the childhood drama the excuses as the why I am who I am... but to be honest there isn’t really an excuse... eating too much makes you this size and the only way is to stop eating..... I’ve tried the all familiar "diets" yes the F (fart) plan.... the weight watchers everything...... I’ve tried all the pills... you name them the last being acomplia which has just been banned..... I suppose all pills work to a certain extent but when you come off them the weight just goes back on.

My operation is next Tuesday 3rd February..... I cant wait is the honest truth.... I have been on a poor excuse of vegetarian diet for the last 2 weeks, one week to go... even trying low fat vegetarian sushi… ehhh whats the point of vegetarian sushi… can it be called sushi… anyway I digress….. this diet is not to loose weight but to condition the liver to make the operation easier... having said that eating tin tomatoes and fat free cottage cheese takes some will power.... my boss said to me if you can do this why cant you do it for ever..... ahhh yes but in theory anyone will try a diet for so long then that day comes when you think on just one bacon sandwich will not cause a problem.... but as all dieters know it is the slippery slope to putting back on the pounds because one bacon sandwich becomes oh bacon and egg the sausage bacon and egg and so it goes..... I would love to have the will power but even on this diet there have been time I look in the cupboard and think oh no one will notice a few biscuits.... but you know.... the drive for me is this operation... I dont particularly want my liver damaged during the operation so that is enough incentive to stick to the diet.... I’ve been on the diet for 2 weeks and have officially lost 5.5 kg... that’s 12 pounds..... now in the scheme of things if Posh lost that weight she would be like an ironing board... ok ok.. I know she like an ironing board already, but she’s nice... anyway with me losing 5.5kg means my little finger has slimmed down a bit... but hey its in the right direction.... so I am ending this blog on a high of already loosing weight....


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