Friday, 23 January 2009

The start of my blogging days

Well I am about to start on a journey which I thought I would share with anyone who is interested... ok so that is no one then....

the journey is in hope to try re-find myself... why was I lost??... yes most definitely... here I am sitting here in a body made for 3 people... I am hoping to get 2 of my life long friends to leave.... its ok but having the body for 3 makes things very difficult as you can imagine.... you are saying why does my journey start now?... well I have tried all the usual stuff and now resorting to surgery.... yes drastic measures... I feel like sharing my journey because it has got of to a rocky start with lots of misinformation... even some doctors don’t know what this is about..... I have tried for 4 years to have surgery but no doctor (until now) has been prepared to talk about it... I now realise thats not because they don’t want to help.. they do... but through pure ignorance... they just don’t know what its all about and more worrying they don’t seem to want to find out.... I have a job if a new piece of equipment comes out I am itching to find out all about it... I suppose it is my engineering training... so I am hoping for anyone who is considering surgery for weight loss or who has had it might find this blogg encouraging and maybe informative..... it could be a journey full of tears… hopefully not likely as I try and put a bright if maybe slightly cynical view on everything…

So this is the first blogg.. I will hopefully post again soon with more details of what is going to happen and when and map the progress over the coming years and if I get bored the coming months... so here goes….

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